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Mistakes to Avoid in Living Room Layout

Mistakes to Avoid in Living Room Layout

The living room is one of the essential pieces of the house because it is here that the whole family meets and that we receive friends. True convivial space, there are however some errors to avoid in order to make the living room a really pleasant room. Discover our tips for planning and decorating your living room.

Do not neglect the comfort of the seats

In the living room, you need to settle in comfortably! Also, be sure to choose a sofa and armchairs that are not lacking in comfort. When choosing your sofa, remember to check that the seat is deep enough and that it is soft enough to give you an enveloping feeling. Also, choose the size of your sofa according to the number of inhabitants and your habits because it must be able to accommodate everyone comfortably. Do not hesitate to complete the living room with armchairs to distribute the seats throughout the room.

Don't forget to watch TV

When planning your living room, consider the television when placing the sofa. Even if the lounge is also used to receive friends in a friendly atmosphere, it will also be the scene of your TV evenings. Make sure that the location of the sofa matches that of the television in order to avoid uncomfortable positions and make the most of the best films.

Consider bringing warmth

To bring an even warmer touch to the living room, consider adding decorative accessories. You can for example lay out a carpet under the coffee table, arrange the cushions on the sofa or even place a soft plaid on an armchair. All these accessories will make your living room even more comfortable.

Don't leave the walls behind

Finally, to make the living room pleasant, do not neglect the decoration of the walls. Indeed, empty walls could give a slightly cold impression. You can then use paint to color the walls, wallpaper to give it texture, stickers to create an original pattern or even paintings to express your personality.