Install a bay window

Install a bay window

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It is possible to install your bay window yourself, even if using a professional is a practical solution and often less expensive than you fear. For DIY enthusiasts who still want to try the adventure, here is a small guide to installing a bay window. Take care, however: the windows are very heavy and need to be handled by several people to avoid accidents!

Before installing the bay window

The first thing to do is to gather all the necessary tools. The installation of a bay window requires a meter, a spirit level or a plumb line, a screwdriver, screws, a hammer, bevelled wooden blocks, a screwdriver drill and silicone sealant. If the bay window is to be installed in place of an old window, first remove the latter. Measure the height and width of the bay window location. Then assemble the different parts of the picture window frame. Check that it is the right size.

Install the bay window

Present the bay window frame in the opening and use the beveled shims to hold it in place. Drill holes with a drill at the crossbars and dowels. Then drill holes in the wall, through the picture window frame. Insert the dowels and screws into the holes made. Do not screw it in straight away, you must first check the levels using the spirit level or plumb line. This done, only you can fully screw your frame. If your bay window has a sliding part, it also remains to fix the rails on their support. Insert the French windows in the upper rail, then in the lower rail. Finally, to ensure the watertightness of your installation, inject silicone sealant into the space between the wall and the frame of your bay window.