Connect your solar panels to the electricity grid

Connect your solar panels to the electricity grid

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How are the solar panels connected to the electricity grid?

The principle is to connect the photovoltaic solar panels to an inverter, plugged into an electrical outlet in your home. Its role is to transform the direct electric current produced by the solar panels, into an alternating electric current. It then injects this current either into your home for your personal consumption, or into the public electrical network. If your surplus electricity is sold, the inverter is also connected to a "production" meter. This meter quantifies the electricity that reaches the public network. In accordance with the law of December 7, 2006, the ERDF (Electricité Réseau Distribution France) is the sole owner of the meters and the only one to carry out or supervise all installation work.

The contract to connect the solar panels to the electricity grid

Whether the current is sold or not, to connect its solar panels to the electrical network, it is compulsory to establish a connection contract with the ERDF. You will need to provide him with a completed information collection form, a copy of the building permit receipt (PC) or the prior declaration (DP), as well as a certificate of conformity of the installation signed by the project manager. and approved by CONSUEL. The contract will stipulate what you want to do with your electrical production: self-consumption, sale of surplus or even total sale. Once all the formalities have been completed, the solar panels will be connected to the electricity grid.