Install a pressure reducer

Install a pressure reducer

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The pressure reducer is a device intended to reduce the pressure of the water which arrives via the water network to domestic installations.

A pressure reducer: why and for whom?

It thus avoids all the problems associated with excessive pressure, whether they are linked to simple comfort (splashes, noise) or to premature wear of household appliances (such as the water heater). Its installation is necessary when the pressure exceeds 4 bars. There are two types of reducers: constant or adjustable pressure. These are equipped with a pressure gauge.

Installing a pressure reducer: precise installation

To function properly, it must be installed upstream of your installations but after the water meter. This can be inside the home or outside (under a hatch in the garden for example), where the city water arrives. The specific models linked to the pressure of a water heater must be installed on the cold water supply and before the safety group. This stand-alone brass device works mechanically and does not require a power supply. It must be adapted to the size of the pipes. We must also pay attention to its resistance to maximum pressure, indicated by the supplier depending on the models. If you do not know the pressure of your water supply, you can ask your supplier to supply it or come to measure it. To avoid incorrect assembly, an arrow on the gear unit indicates the direction of the water. The fittings supplied must be fully inserted and screwed to avoid leaks during re-filling.