Choose a chandelier

Choose a chandelier

After having disappeared somewhat from our accommodation, the chandelier has been brought up to date with more modern designs. However, you have to be very careful when choosing a chandelier because it will have a great influence on the style of the room it will light up. Several elements must be taken into account, the volume of the room to be lit, the style of the room and the need for light.

Choose a chandelier: the volume

The choice of chandelier largely depends on the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling is low, you must take a chandelier that remains close to the ceiling so as not to have the chandelier at head height. If the chandelier is located above a table, the ideal is to have an adjustable chandelier to be able to approach it or move it away from the surface to be lit according to your needs. To have good visibility on a dining table, the chandelier is generally placed 1.7 meters from the ground. For a high ceiling, it is better to choose a chandelier with a large diameter.

Choosing a chandelier: the style of the room

The chandelier is suitable lighting for large rooms such as the dining room, bedrooms or living room. For this type of room, choose a chandelier with strong lighting so that the light diffuses throughout the room. Do not hesitate to supplement the lighting with another smaller lamp with more precise lighting. For the kitchen, opt for a metal pendant light because a fabric chandelier would be difficult to clean.

The chandelier style

The chandelier models are many and varied. While some have only one bulb, others have several light points. The style and material of the chandelier are also important elements. If the interior of your accommodation is classic, choose a wooden chandelier, or a bronze or a wrought iron chandelier. If your interior decoration is rather contemporary, choose more modern chandeliers by choosing original materials.