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Tear down a wall

Tear down a wall

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Demolishing a wall may seem easy. However, if the technique does not require any particular knowledge, the steps of preparation and in particular of identification must be scrupulously observed.

Demolish a wall: respect the regulations_x000D_

Before embarking on the demolition of a wall, it should be ensured that it is knock down. In the case of a load-bearing wall, the filing of a building permit in town hall is essential if it is a house. In an apartment, you must first check that this demolition is authorized by the co-ownership regulations, then go through a design office. Non-load-bearing walls do not require any prior steps (except, sometimes, authorization from the co-ownership). Finally, for old buildings, the use of a professional is essential to ensure the feasibility of the project._x000D_

Securing places

_x000D_ Although a wall is not initially load-bearing, it may become so over time: the structure of a house tends to move, the distribution of loads can change. Therefore, it is imperative, before demolition, to set up props. If the site is located upstairs, install other stays on the lower floors, and in the same location._x000D_

The demolition_x000D_

Once these recommendations have been made, mass demolition can begin. It is always done from the top down. Work clothes and protective accessories (glasses, gloves, etc.) are essential. Finally, plan to seal the room well to limit dust infiltration in the rest of the house.