Choose the materials for my stair railing

Choose the materials for my stair railing

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Indispensable for securing a staircase, a banister must also be considered as an interesting decorative element. Manufacturers understand this, and now offer a wide range, using various materials that blend into all types of interiors.

The wooden banister, for a traditional style

In an interior with a traditional or rustic style, a wooden banister always remains an essential classic, especially since behind this generic name hides a wide variety of tones, which will be defined above all by the species chosen. Likewise, a wide range of finishes offers the possibility of infinite choice among ramps with an old, modern or very designer look.

The metal ramp, between tradition and modernity

The choice of a metal railing is ideal for dressing very contemporary interiors. However, the existence of a multitude of materials offers possibilities of multiple choices. Brass and stainless steel are among the two most popular metals. For its part, wrought iron will adapt very well to a rustic interior, and will replace traditional wood by bringing a slight touch of originality.

Dare to be original

Rather than restrict their choice to the great classics, some will opt for more alternative solutions. Therefore, there is no limit to creativity. Glass railings are the most common here, but other more original materials are also possible. Hemp rope (boat deck style), neon lights and other objects of all kinds will allow you to assert a personality in a trendy interior.