Take down a staircase

Take down a staircase

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Certain renovation or development projects sometimes require the dismantling of a staircase. To avoid any risk of accident and possibly allow reuse of the structure, this task must be carried out with care.

How to dismantle a staircase?

Faced with the very wide variety of stairs present in our homes, there is no general rule regarding their dismantling. Also, the procedure to be followed will be dictated above all by the type of structure as well as by its method of installation. For kit stairs, the easiest way is to follow the assembly guide supplied by the manufacturer backwards (remember to keep these instructions carefully). But for those of origin, the task may prove to be more difficult. The wooden stairs are dismounted, starting with the stringer, which allows steps and risers to be taken out one by one. Finally, for concrete assemblies, unless you can dismantle the attachment structures, the only solution then remains ground work.

Precautions to take

Before dismantling a staircase, several precautions must be taken to ensure site safety. Prevent access to areas overhung by the structure, in order to avoid accidents linked to the risk of falls. For concrete breakage, use the appropriate equipment: safety glasses, gloves and adequate clothing. Finally, for wooden structures that are intended to be reused, precise numbering of each piece is essential in order to facilitate refitting.