Renovating an old parquet floor

Renovating an old parquet floor

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Renovating an old parquet floor is far from a simple task, especially when the latter turns out to be in very poor condition. Fortunately, several tools and products exist to give it a second life and avoid replacing it.

The state of the parquet

Checking the condition of old parquet is the first thing to do when you want to renovate it. You should first look at the blades that are in poor condition, not properly fixed, and that need to be replaced. You should also check that the parquet is not warped or that it does not creak in certain areas of the room. If it turns out that your old parquet is really in bad condition, it is better to replace it. If the floor is still good, a renovation is enough.

Renovation of old parquet

Attack the renovation by scraping your parquet with the back of a painter's knife, then wash the parquet with a scourer to remove all the dust. To make it smooth as it was at the start, fill in all the cracks, filling with newspaper, then use a screwdriver or a string coated with a sealer. Then apply a wood pulp in all the cracks in your floor, a color similar to that of your old parquet, and let it dry for a whole day. Then pass your parquet to the circular sander in order to remove all the old wax. Also equip yourself with a bending machine to sand in the different angles of the room. To finish, vitrify your old parquet, to guarantee it a certain longevity.