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Install fixed air conditioning

Install fixed air conditioning

Choosing the location of the air conditioner

Before any installation, be sure to choose the location of your fixed air conditioner. If the room where it will be most useful must naturally take precedence, remember that the air conditioner is, depending on the model, more or less noisy, for you and for your neighbors. Also note that the indoor unit should always be fixed at a higher level than the outdoor unit.

The different stages of installing air conditioning

The first step in the installation will then be to mark the place where it will be necessary to drill your wall to fix the device. Be sure to check that it does not pass this place of pipes or electric wires before drilling, then insert the dowels adapted to your type of wall (concrete, brick ...). Then follow the instructions for your particular model, especially to know the diameter of the hole to be drilled. Once the appliance is fixed, pay particular attention to the refrigeration duct when your model has it, or else to your exhaust pipe, which must be fixed as vertically as possible. Finally, check that your device is working properly before filling the drilled holes.