Install paneling in the attic

Install paneling in the attic

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Recommendations for installing paneling in the attic

To install paneling in your attic, several rules must be observed beforehand. It is important to first open the packaging containing the blades in the room, and let them "rest" a few days before their installation. You should also be concerned with the preparation of the frame on which the paneling will be placed. For this, you can use wooden battens as well as cords that will maintain the insulation.

The installation of the paneling

Once the rules have been applied, the time comes to install the paneling itself. It is necessary to keep beforehand 2 cm of gap between the paneling and the surface that one wishes to cover, so that air can circulate there. Then cut a first blade. This must be shorter than the height under the ceiling. The edge of the blade must be planed and turned towards the wall. If you use fixing clips, engage the tab of these in the groove of the blade and fix them, either with nails or with an electric stapler. The clips in question can be installed every three blades. Continue with the second row from the fall of the previous one, until the end of the pose. Do not hesitate to hold the blades firmly so that they are properly nailed.