Repairing marble

Repairing marble

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If it is on a fireplace or on a coffee table, a marble plate can be knocked and be the victim of some vagaries of everyday life. Added to wear, they can lead to a break in the marble. Quite simple to repair, it can also be an opportunity to restore a shine to the plate by a few polishing techniques, which also make the repair almost invisible.

Pieces of marble to be glued

The first step to take when preparing a marble repair is to clean the area to be bonded. For this, the passage of a coarse grit sandpaper will allow to lightly sand the 2 faces in order to facilitate the adhesion of the putty. Water and black soap may be applied if impurities dirty the plate. After cleaning, the sealant should be spread over the edge of the two parts to be joined. At this stage, it is possible to add material to find the initial color of the marble and make the crack invisible: talc for white, powder from the plate itself for a color. It is also important to keep the two pieces under press to set the glue, with an adhesive tape or a clamp, for example. To finish, simply remove the excess mortar with a blade and allow to dry.

Holes in the marble to fill

If cracks or splinters appear on the marble, the intervention is simple. After having cleaned and sanded the surface and its surroundings, it is enough to fill the hollow with putty, glue or even wax. After removing any excess and sanding the whole, it is time to move on to polishing.

Polishing marble, an essential finishing touch

After a marble repair operation, polishing is recommended. First, moisten the surface with a soft cloth. Then, the application of the polishing powder is done with the corner of another cloth to pass by making circles. It only remains to wipe the plate and, possibly, to pass a polishing product.