Double a floor with panels

Double a floor with panels

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Installing panels to double a floor is an effective solution to obtain a flat surface capable of accommodating new parquet or new tiles, while acting as good thermal and acoustic insulation.

Preparation of the work plan to double your floor

Before starting work, clean the floor thoroughly with laundry and then dust. At the same time, proceed to cut the panels you want to install according to the dimensions of the room. A fine-toothed circular or hand saw is suitable for this operation. Be careful with these tools!

Fix the panels to the ground

Drill holes in the panels with a drill, favoring angles and sides close to the walls. These holes must be milled in order to pass the screws of at least 50 mm which will fix the panels to the ground. Particle board nails can be used for laying on old parquet. The smooth side of the panels should be on top. Wall plugs must be installed before fixing the screws. Using a screwdriver, push in firmly until the heads are fully seated. Take care to act carefully during the various stages and do not leave space between the various plates and at the edge of the wall. Indeed, the panels, particularly in fiber, are very fragile.