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Installing an acoustic partition

Installing an acoustic partition

To reduce noise pollution, installing an acoustic partition is an effective and easy solution to design yourself. Here are the steps to follow to mount this acoustic partition system using so-called "phonic" insulation plates.

Tracing the marks of the acoustic partition

The good handyman must know: to install a partition in the rules of the art, it is essential to check the plumb of the walls. Then sketch two markers about 10 cm from the ground, on each side of your future partition, to draw a line with the line between the two. Do the same operation 10 cm from the ceiling this time, and draw your markers. Next comes the tracing of the marks for the fixings, which must not be spaced more than 67 cm apart.

Installation of the acoustic partition fixing rails

If a single plate is not sufficient to cover the wall, cutouts of at least 60 cm must be provided. It is therefore necessary to anticipate the installation of a fixing at this place to fix the cutout. Measure the width to be covered and transfer it to the fixing rail by subtracting 1 cm. Cut it out using a nibbler. The fixing rail must be positioned downwards, drill it with a suitable drill. Attach an anchor every 60 cm. At the junction of the plates, one rail per plate will be needed, i.e. two rails fixed back to back.

Installation of acoustic panels

To cut the plates, the insulating face must be placed below. Report the measurements corresponding to your cut and saw the plate following your marks. Then present the plate with the insulating side against the fasteners. Lift it about 1 cm with the plate lifter. Then fix your plate with a screw every 30 cm on your fixing rails. Repeat on the entire wall. Finish with the installation of a finishing joint all around the partition. > Request a quote for your sound insulation