A trendy decor in a teenage bedroom

A trendy decor in a teenage bedroom

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Adolescence is the period when your teenager's personality develops. His room is for him a sacred territory where he freely wants to project his ideas, and share them with his friends! Teen decor should therefore reflect their identity, which is emerging and evolving quickly! Instead of a "total look", therefore bet on accessories that decline themes that teens adore: do not miss these sure values!

An urban decor: London, New York, Paris in your room!

One of the recurring themes that works very well for teens is urban, city and even industrial style decor. It is a modern and graphic trend that calls for colors and patterns that teens appreciate: black, gray, red, silver and, as a rule, very distinct colors ... The London pop rock spirit can very well be included in this urban atmosphere, just like the manga or street art style which some teenagers love.

Current and personalized thematic accessories

For a trendy decor in the teenage bedroom, bet on different sources of lighting with lamps with design lines, graphics or a geek spirit. Choose patterns on cushions, bed linen, curtains, upholstery of armchairs in line with the theme: city prints, like English or American flags are popular, as are all kinds of symbols that express their condition spirit (Peace and love, smileys, skull, etc.). The graffiti or bubble patterns of the comics will also be appreciated. Retro atmospheres again very trendy can also do the trick especially for girls (Avoid, however, large seventies flowers!). Finally, plan memos and photo holders because teens like to personalize their space!