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File: the cupboard

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For clothes, dishes or books, cupboards are the best in terms of storage. Where to install them at home, how to choose them correctly and how to install them? Our practical guide will answer all the questions you have about storage options.

A closet in which rooms of the house?

The closets can be suitable for any room in the house, provided there is enough space to have sufficient depth. In a kitchen or bathroom, a cupboard will be very useful for storing your bath or kitchen towels away from steam and to keep all your electrical appliances in good condition. In a bedroom, an integrated closet is the best way to obtain a huge storage area while preserving the aesthetics of the space. Finally, closets can be very useful to occupy all the "lost" spaces in the house. You can, for example, install them in fairly wide corridors, where they will be used to store linens or objects that are lying around, or in an entrance hall to install a coat rack on clothes rails and store shoes.

How to choose your storage well?

To choose the right cupboards, there are 3 elements to take into consideration: - The available space. Take your measurements carefully, it would be a shame if your closet protrudes from the niche where you want to install it. - The volume of business you want to store there. Think from the start of the different arrangements you will need. For a clothes cupboard provide rods and shelves for t-shirts. For a dish or book cupboard, choose shelves that are close together but numerous in order to distribute the weight well. - Finishes. Today there are all kinds of wooden cupboards, some with lacquered or mirrored finishes, Japanese paper doors, exotic teak inspirations ... For a discreet installation, opt for tone on tone or for a wall mirrors, especially in a corridor. For a more chic effect, nothing beats noble woods such as oak or ebony.

Placing a closet: do it yourself or by a pro?

It all depends on the size of the closet and your DIY skills. Assembling a cupboard yourself is not very complicated and requires only a few conventional tools: screws and screwdrivers, brackets, wooden boards and hinges or rails for the doors. What can be more difficult, however, is to establish a plan to create a closet that perfectly suits your needs and expectations. If the space where you want to install it is standard size, you can then buy it pre-designed in all large furniture surfaces, such as Ikea, Conforama or But. If the area where you want to install a closet is not a standard size, then you will have to turn to custom-made or do the work yourself.