Feature: the made-to-measure wardrobe

Feature: the made-to-measure wardrobe

Your wardrobe begs you to offer him a dressing room? And if you opt for a tailor-made model? To make your everyday storage easier, while preventing your cupboards from overflowing here and there, the custom-made wardrobe adapts to your needs by offering you a quantity of practical ideas. The editor gives you some advice before you get started.

A tailor-made wardrobe to optimize space

Unlike the kit walk-in closet that mounts itself with a few notions of DIY, the tailor-made walk-in closet necessarily requires the help of a specialist. Designed to the millimeter, it extends from floor to ceiling for the most perfect aesthetic result. You can install it on a large section of wall in your bedroom as well as assign it a separate room depending on the number of square meters you want to devote to it. In terms of style, you can choose from a wide range of ideas: Scandinavian, country spirit, contemporary, male or female ... the whole thing is that the result is your image.

Custom closet storage

The major advantage of made-to-measure dressing is undoubtedly the wide choice of storage spaces that are available to store each of your clothes. Transparent shirt drawer, pants holder, shoe shelves, compartmentalized drawer for underwear, you can organize this new space as you see fit! Often raised to the ceiling, it can however prove impractical for short people. The solution is therefore to opt for modular rods that drop to their height when catching what hangs there.

The price of a tailor-made wardrobe from a specialist

Quadro, Celio, Neves, many brands are currently offering to tailor your wardrobe. Some play the ecology card like Sogal and its Origine France Garantie label. Others offer unique and aesthetic models like Quadro. However, they come together on one point: the price! Much more expensive than a kit wardrobe, because it is much more personalized, the bespoke wardrobe requires you to devote a substantial budget to its design. Plans, materials and installation included, your wardrobe could cost you in the 1000 euros for the simplest model to 5000 euros for a model fitted out in a small room with multiple storage spaces adapted to each garment.