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File: close-up on bathroom equipment

File: close-up on bathroom equipment

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Shower, shower column, bath screen and heated towel rail: bathroom equipment, the centerpiece of well-being, must be chosen with care. Because faced with an extra large choice, it is the size, the budget, the decor style and the features that determine the final choices!

A question of space

You don't install a walk-in shower or a bathtub in a mini bathroom just like you don't install an XXS shower in a spacious bathroom! The space criterion must be a priority when you want to renew your equipment.

A question of functionality

Another criterion influencing our choices in the equipment of the bathroom: their functional aspect to which each one gives more or less importance. Articulated towel dryer, combination of a bathtub and a shower ... there are many possibilities to make this room dedicated to relaxation as practical as possible.

A question of technology

The new bathrooms now incorporate the concept of technology: thermostatic rather than mechanical mixers, hydromassage shower columns, luminous shower head ... A high-tech addiction, at the forefront of comfort and luxury, which has a cost, but which appeals to more and more consumers… The bathroom of tomorrow will look like a spa!

A question of design

Even if the equipment in the bathroom includes a technical aspect (flexible, taps, rain, etc.), specialized surfaces offer more and more aesthetic models. Fluid lines, clean curves, colorful design, light appearance: everything is done to make radiators and shower trays, more decorative and more stylish… Our practical bathroom videos