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File: give cachet to the house

File: give cachet to the house

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Do you live in a very contemporary interior and dream of a Haussmannian apartment with classic and timeless chic? Know that you can completely give cachet to your interior thanks to some small tricks which will be of the most beautiful effect in your decoration. Follow the guide !

Beautiful materials

To sublimate your interior and give it the classic touch it lacks, you can count on the beautiful materials that settle in the house. We think for example of marble which is very trendy this season and which will be the most beautiful effect on the table top for example. Furthermore, as a backdrop to your decoration, nothing beats a parquet floor worthy of the name. We then opt preferably for a pose that accentuates the cachet of the latter with a pose with broken sticks or Hungarian stitch. Also think of the brand new Cole & Son wallpaper collection which has brought up to date motifs unearthed in the castles of the Queen of England. A good idea to give a very royal style to your decor without moving into a castle.

Trompe l'oeil as an ally

To make your decor take on a new look, don't hesitate to lie a little while playing with the visual effects! First, if you do not want to invest in a real parquet, know that you will find stunning imitations that will give as much cachet as a real one. Then, with trompe l'oeil wallpapers, you will offer yourself, for example, moldings worthy of the most beautiful residences, chic and elegant woodwork or even period furniture. Guaranteed decorative effect! Our practical decoration videos