File: what color with my colored sofa?

File: what color with my colored sofa?

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You will find many articles to help you make your choice in terms of colors. From chick yellow to light blue through anise green, you will know everything about the sofa and the colors to associate with it together or not. Each one its style and its decoration, which one matches with the furniture of the living room.

The colors to associate with a colorful sofa

If you have a very colorful sofa or with strong patterns, several solutions are available to you. First, you can play the color card. In this case, choose an equally lively decor or, on the contrary, balance your room with neutral colors such as gray or beige. The warm colors on a sofa go well with tone on tone and shades of sand. You can also choose a few decorative accessories (cushions, tables, rugs, etc.) in color, to awaken the atmosphere. Finally, if your sofa is made up of cool colors, such as a dark blue, a black or a deep purple, bet on light colors in opposition to it in order to lighten the whole of your room.

The sofa versions

There are all colors, all shapes and styles. Right or corner, it adapts to the configuration of your room, modular or convertible, it transforms into a bed to accommodate large sleepers, in leather or fabric, it plays the card of materials. And finally, another detail to take into account, and not least, its color: some dream of a sofa in natural colors, like chocolate or sand, others in more "pop" and electric colors: red, orange, green, others imagine it in a total vintage or pastel look. Anyway, we match the decor of the living room with the color of the sofa and vice versa. A quick overview of possible associations.