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Feature: our best ideas for an economic makeover

Feature: our best ideas for an economic makeover

There are periods when purchasing power is at half mast and the decor budget is too low. However with a few tips and a little idea it is possible to concoct a decoration of choice, even in these difficult times. Colors, stickers, photographs, fabrics, wallpapers, stencils, jewelry, are all simple ideas to implement that will boost your interior. A concentrate of decorative ideas to discover now in our special file!

Give your decor a makeover by transforming your furniture

You may not know it, but your old furniture can find a new life. Also, give them character or a whole new spirit by customizing them. With a few pennies in your pocket and a little time: stencils, fabrics, patinas or jewelry will breathe new life. Then, the last touch lies in your talent to stage them!

Tips to revive your decor

Each room in the house: kitchen, living room, bedroom, entrance, bathroom, dining room is entitled to its own decorative package. But when you have tightened your budget, turn to the existing. Walls, doors and even windows are great places for decorative expression. So, to help you, discover different original ways that will highlight them. But beyond a simple paint job, stickers, photographs, wallpaper, color are all simple ideas that will undoubtedly add style to your interior.