How to bring the Baroque style into your home?

How to bring the Baroque style into your home?

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The baroque style and its evolution

The Baroque style is a current that was born in Italy around the sixteenth century, and which subsequently affected all artistic fields, whether painting, sculpture, architecture, theater or even music. When we use the term "baroque" to speak of a style or an atmosphere, we often associate an exaggeration of movement and a very luxurious decorative overload.

The Neo-Baroque represents the new definition of baroque, the one we use in our time. If it has obviously evolved and it has come up to date, the Baroque style used today in decoration is still based on 3 unchanging pillars: luxury, "too much" and the abundant side.

The preferred materials of the baroque style

In terms of materials, the Baroque style knows how to accommodate everything: wood, synthetic materials, etc ... as long as the finishes are sufficiently shiny and showy! Thus, wooden furniture in baroque style particularly appreciate the patinas and varnishes which make them shiny at will, when the dressers and other tables like to adorn themselves with a touch of lacquer for a side that is both bling bling while remaining design !

As for expensive materials in the Baroque style, the velvet undoubtedly wins first place on the podium: thick, shiny, warm, it has a cozy and elegant side that suits Baroque perfectly. If you want to adopt this style at home, do not hesitate to adopt velvet for your curtains, your armchairs, your cushions, your benches or others. In small touches, or in a very pronounced way ... and madly baroque!

Anyway, to give a baroque side to your interior, do not hesitate to play on the profusion of materials, whatever they are!

What forms are suitable for the Baroque style?

If you want to adopt the baroque style in your interior (or just in a room), immediately forget straight lines and corner furniture. In the Baroque, the lines of the furniture are always very rounded to bring softness and voluptuousness to the whole, as well as a small retro side.

Baroque furniture is therefore often curved ... and with significant decorative effects. Indeed, what could be more logical for a style that loves to flirt with the ostentatious? With the Baroque, make way for flourishes, ornaments, embellishments, and the more there are, the better! For furniture that never goes unnoticed, and that always has a lot of character.

The dominant colors of the Baroque style

In the baroque interiors contemporary, the general atmosphere is often quite intimate: the colors are therefore very contrasted with a predominance of black for the slightly mysterious side ... but without forgetting to bring touches of bright and vibrant colors, especially red, purple or pink to create an offset.

And to underline the slightly "bling bling" side of the Baroque style, contemporary designers do not hesitate to take over period furniture and modernize it by bringing it an offbeat color like gold or silver!