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The pots

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The flower pot: from basic to more design

Universal container, the flower pot is the essential element to accommodate your flowers and plants. Formerly mainly terracotta, the flower pot exists today in multiple materials: wood, plastic, stone, fiberglass, earth fiber, zinc, etc. As for its forms, the flower pot is not no longer just round or square, but capable of marrying very designer shapes for lovers of modern art.

A common concept

Beyond its shape, its color or its material, the flower pot is above all the place of habitation of your plant or your flowers. It will therefore necessarily have to have a small hole at the bottom which will allow the excess water to be evacuated (generally poorly supported by plants) in a saucer placed underneath or in a pot holder. Today, some pots use the latest innovations to allow the evacuation of excess water inside the pot.

Which flower pot to choose?

Red, white, black, round, square, small, high ... choosing the pot is often difficult. Before heading to the aesthetic, first have the practical spirit: the size and height as well as the water drainage system will be the first criteria to put forward in choosing your flower pot . If this is not aesthetic enough for your taste, know that there are also much more beautiful plant pots…