Destroy a strain

Destroy a strain

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Destroy a stump by hand

One of the methods used to destroy a stump left in the middle of your garden after the felling of a tree, is to remove it by hand. However, this method of destruction is painful and very tiring.

Chemical destruction of a strain

To destroy a strain, there are many chemical solutions that are not always very environmentally friendly. After drilling a few fairly deep holes in the stump, you can for example destroy it by introducing anti-stump product or concentrated bleach. We can also think of pouring gasoline into these holes and setting them on fire so that the stump will gradually be consumed.

Destroy a strain when you have an ecological soul

If the chemical solution does not match your values, you can always opt to destroy your strain naturally. In the holes that you have previously drilled in the stump, introduce, as desired, a few cloves of garlic or coarse salt. You can also pour jam there and wait for an ant colony to settle there. Needless to say, ecological methods are much slower than the others.