Highlight your corridor

Highlight your corridor

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Often narrow, long and without windows, the hallway is a difficult room to arrange and enhance. But by playing with color and optical prints you can make it a warm and very trendy space.

Bet on color

The color will give your hallway a whole new dimension. But before you start, keep in mind that a light shade applied to the side walls of your room will enlarge it and give the illusion of a wider hallway. On the other hand, to "break" the effect of length, put a dark shade on the wall located at the back of your room.

Optics and personalization

Like studio-type rooms, play on optical effects by choosing a color for a section of wall and a second for the rest of the room. "I would recommend a strong shade like a beautiful officer blue married to a white for example," explains Catherine Filoche, consultant stylist for Dulux Valentine. To personalize your space, you can also choose to use shades in three shades. "On the other hand, warns Catherine Filoche, if your corridor leads to bedrooms, create a certain intimacy by opting for more muted shades."

Treat yourself!

If your corridor inspires you, you can dare a very personal decoration: "It is a place of passage par excellence, explains Catherine Filoche, on which we can allow ourselves fantasy and daring, because there is no risk of getting bored. example your white walls and paint your closet doors in bright colors by choosing a different shade for each. A good solution to bring light but also personality and good humor! ".

Take care of your decor

If your corridor is not a storage room, you can arrange it aesthetically with a bookcase in a row or small armchairs installed in staggered rows to provide a dynamic visual. Here is your corridor transformed into a boudoir! Bring small decorative details such as lamps, personal items to warm up and personalize this space.