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Characteristic of spinach

Spinach is a vegetable plant belonging to the Chenopodiaceae family. Coming from Iran, spinach arrived in France in the 12th century and was made popular by Catherine de Medici during the Renaissance. Spinach does contain iron, but other vegetables contain much more. The Chinese are the largest producers of spinach, accounting for 85% of world production.

Spinach pollination

It is a dioecious plant, that is to say that the spinach flower female and the spinach flower male are found on different feet. Pollination is carried out by the wind. There are several varieties of spinach that grow in spring, summer and winter. Depending on the date on which they were sown, they can be annual or biennial.

Spinach plantation

Sowing is done from March to June spread out: once every 15 days. The rows should be spaced at least 30 cm apart. As a general rule, it is possible to harvest the fruit of one's efforts two months after planting. Then just take the longest leaves as they develop. Take care to choose the place of sowing because spinach does not really like the sun. A shaded to semi-shaded place is preferable.

Watering the spinach

To prevent the seeds from growing too quickly, it is essential to keep the soil cool by watering regularly. It is strongly advised to mulch to maintain freshness.

Spinach care

A nitrogen-based fertilizer is a good boost as it promotes the growth of spinach. Bordeaux mixture can be used to treat spinach with mildew. However, although natural, the use of any treatment should be stopped at least twenty days before harvest.

Spinach disease

In the garden, spinach can be susceptible to late blight, a fungal disease. It is therefore better to opt for resistant spinach varieties. Placing a geotextile after sowing protects the spinach against pests such as aphids, flea beetles, beetflies and moths (caterpillars).

Uses of spinach

Each spinach recipe is simple to make and delicious. Spinach with cream, béchamel or drizzled with a meat sauce, it can also be tasted raw in a salad. Find the spinach seeds in the shop!