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The blueberry (Vaccinum myrtillus) is a fruit shrub 80 to 150 cm tall that produces blueberry fruit, much appreciated and which is also used to manufacture the blueberry tincture.

Blueberry tree planting

Specialists advise planting in the fall, in October, so that the blueberry Vaccinum myrtillus plant takes root well and growth can resume effectively. It is also possible to plant blueberries in the spring, provided you do an abundant watering. Planting should be done on acid soil. The choice of heather earth is recommended.

The size of the blueberry tree

You should know that a branch of the tree no longer produces after a few years. These are therefore trimmed when this moment arrives. It is advisable to prune the branches when they are over 3 years old. Your harvest will be more generous if you add fertilizer in the spring.

Blueberry care

Cultivation is relatively easy. To get great results, you need to water and prune. A sunny or semi-shaded environment is favorable. In summer, water at least. By making a mulch on the base of the plant, you ensure its protection against the cold, in winter.

Use of bilberry

In food, the blueberry is used to make sauces, jams and is excellent on pies. Bilberry is also used in herbal medicine. From the 10th century, in Europe, the anti-diarrheal properties of the plant were put forward. During the Second World War, the soldiers of the Royal Air Force also discovered that blueberries had ophthalmogenic properties. The roots can be used to make antiseptics and can be used against bacteria. Its roots are also used to make treatments to fight inflammation of the intestine and diarrhea. The leaves are used to treat diseases such as urinary tract infections. The berries are rich in vitamins A, B, C and P and in trace elements. It also promotes the regeneration of retinal purple. Find the blueberries in the shop!