Lights that evoke flowers

Lights that evoke flowers

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In the decoration, the lights also follow the trends of the seasons! And with the arrival of spring, the pendant lights and other table lamps are inspired by flowers for a very natural style.

A new look for lighting

While flowers are about to bloom in nature, this is also the case in the rooms of the house. The lights reveal delicate petals and shapes that do not fail to give the object a lot of elegance. And contrary to what one might think, the lines are far from being classic but display a very design and pure style. These lights evoke lightness and seem to float in the decoration.

How to use them in the house?

Thanks to their very design lines, these new luminaires can be easily installed in any decor. Of course, they will bring an elegant and soft touch in a designer interior but will also find their place in a romantic or more contemporary interior. Use a white pendant lamp or table lamp for a feeling of purity and a touch of femininity in the decor, but prefer a very colorful model for a more pop or contemporary style. Discover our selection of lights inspired by flowers: