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Go around the Cookeo

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We already talked about the Moulinex Cookeo here when no information had yet filtered but hey, I'm just a blogger so it's not the kind of stuff that stops me. Today on the other hand, I come back with reliable sources since I attended the open house of the Seb group in the company of the blogger Miss4oo (since you want to know everything), presentation which allowed me to observe this device in motion and leave with the press kit. So everything, everything, everything, you will know everything about the Cookeo.

What is Cookeo?

According to Moulinex, this device will reinvent the kitchen which is still quite a challenge. Cookeo is presented as a intelligent and interactive multicooker. Multicooker because it has 6 cooking modes which are: pressure cooking at 115 °, steam cooking at 109 °, browning at 160 °, reheating at 70 ° and keeping hot at 64 ° C. Clever because it cooks almost by itself, you have the choice between four menus: an ingredient menu (for example salmon), a recipe menu (50 preprogrammed recipes from starters to desserts), a favorites menu to personalize and memorize its recipes and finally a manual mode to do as you want. Finally interactive because at each stage of preparing the recipe, Cookeo will tell you via its screen what to do.
In the example above you can see the different screens when we select the recipe menu, we see that the Cookeo works like a cookbook.

Who is Cookeo for?

Clearly, Cookeo is aimed in my opinion at all those who do not dare to cook for fear of making dumplings (and bad dumplings necessarily). This machine is an open recipe book with a single button, the OK button. Clearly you are the kitchen clerk and the Cookeo is the chef. If you like to be taken by the hand, if you like to eat but not cook then the Cookeo is probably for you. In the ingredient menu for example, the Cookeo will ask you the type of ingredients (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.), then ask you several questions depending on the food (cut vegetables, fillet or steak if it is a fish, weight, etc.) and finally will decide alone the mode and the cooking time according to your answers. The Cookeo is also practical for those who need a dish in a few minutes: compote in 6 min, chicken with rice in 7 min or shrimp with coriander in 1 min. In all, more than 40 recipes available in less than 11 minutes. Finally, the Cookeo has a delayed start to start on its own as well as an automatic keeping warm program for latecomers. I think I have told you everything but if you have any other questions, don't hesitate! Moulinex, Cookeo, CE7011, € 249.49, available from May 2012