Mistakes to avoid with lighting

Mistakes to avoid with lighting

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In an interior, lighting plays a very important role. Not only will it sublimate your interior but also enhance the volumes and define the space. Also, some mistakes in lighting should be avoided.

Do not choose a single light source

Not only a single point of light in a room is not very decorative but on top of that the space will not be sufficiently lit. Indeed, often, a single suspension in the center of the room does not cover the entire space. It is therefore necessary to have several points of light in order to benefit from good lighting no matter where you are. On the other hand, the lights will be real decorative accessories for your interior.

Do not opt ​​for only one type of lighting

As with the multiplication of light sources, it is preferable to use different types of lighting in order to give relief to your interior. Your room will then be perfectly well lit and the decor effect will be there. You can for example bet on a central suspension to which you can add a floor lamp, sconces or even a table lamp. Also think of ambient lighting like LED lamps that change color or lighting with a dimmer to modulate the light intensity.

Don't forget the destination room

Be aware that you will not choose the same lighting depending on whether it is intended for a bedroom, living room or kitchen. Indeed, during your purchase, think carefully about your needs and what you expect from the point of light in question. Think for example to choose a soft and warm lighting for the bedroom but if it is a bedside lamp make sure that it is sufficiently powerful and adjustable for reading.

Do not think that all the lights go with your style

In order for the lights to best suit your interior, you must also choose them according to the style of your decoration. Indeed, if your interior has a country style, designer lighting will not be a good choice. On the other hand, if you like the industrial style for example, you will turn to retro metal lights. The idea is that your lights and suspensions are an integral part of your decor.