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Video: transforming a mottled dresser into shoe storage

Video: transforming a mottled dresser into shoe storage

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Tired of the pairs of shoes piling up in your hallway? It's time to install a dedicated shoe storage! Precisely, today offers you to recover an old dresser abandoned in the attic or discovered in a flea market, and divert it into a practical and clever storage!

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 6:30 Indicative cost: 60 € Necessary material : chiné dresser + gray, white and yellow spray paint + mirror + glass

Steps :

- Apply a white undercoat on the whole of the dresser inside and outside - Leave to dry for 2 hours - Then paint the inside of the dresser in yellow and the outside in gray - Leave to dry for 2 hours before applying a second coat of paint - Let dry again for 2 hours - Place a mirror at the bottom of the dresser and a glass in the center to create a shelf The decor tip: in addition to the paint that transforms the look of the furniture, consider changing the handle of the dresser for a more modern version. A small detail that changes everything! Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi