What colors for a studio?

What colors for a studio?

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Living room and at the same time intimate room, the studio is a separate accommodation, in terms of decoration. For this small space rarely exceeding 40 m², the choice of color is essential on the coverings and decoration side. Here are some tips to help you when the time is right.

Avoid the pitfall of white walls

Contrary to popular belief, white does not enlarge small spaces. On the contrary, it would tend to "overwrite" the volumes. "Used alone, it is a shade that turns out to be not very warm too. It is essential to couple it with a second color to shade and warm up the room," advises Catherine Filoche, consultant stylist at Dulux Valentine. If white remains your favorite shade, bring a touch of color with your curtains, your furniture or even your cushions and decorative items.

Measure the color

Choose natural color charts that give the rooms a serene atmosphere. Play on light linen, glossy brown or even beige shades. But you can also, if you wish, bet on more dynamic colors. But be careful not to have your hand too heavy at the risk of choking your room. "The best way to bring color to a small space without fear of overloading, explains Catherine Filoche, is to paint, in a more intense color than your dominant, the wall of your window which is against the light If this principle is respected, the principle of harmony and balance in your studio will also be respected. " You can also apply this idea to a wall in your kitchenette for example or why not paint the doors of your closets.

Bet on your decorative objects and your light

To perfect your atmosphere, play with color. Choose your curtains, cushions or even your bed linen in the same colors. You can also create a contrast with more or less intense colors. "The important thing is to energize and personalize the place by bringing visuals," says Catherine Filoche. And for your decoration to be highlighted, do not neglect the brightness of your apartment. If necessary, scatter light sources at strategic points in the room. If you don't want to paint your walls, you can add pops of color by opting for sticker friezes.