Interview with Elizabeth Leriche

Interview with Elizabeth Leriche

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At each Maison & Objet salon, the name of Elizabeth Leriche comes to the lips because it is one of the three style offices on the course of inspiration that sets the tone for the salon. Today, she explains her approach after working on the theme "DREAM BOX".

Elizabeth Leriche, tell us about your background…

I went to the Louvre school and a textile design school, but I quickly realized that it was not my thing. I then returned as an intern at Nelly Rodi where I learned my trade. I was responsible for trendy spaces from the first sale of the interior scene. After 5 years spent with Nelly Rodi I created my own office about twenty years ago.

You are what is called a trend hunter, what is it exactly?

I don't really like this appellation. My work is divided into three parts. A Trends section (Maison et Objet and EDM), a scenography section for the press (Ikéa Roche Bobois etc), and a consulting and artistic direction section (GLethu, La Redoute…) My job is to capture the spirit of the times, analyze consumer behavior and anticipating the future in order to best advise my clients.

What are your inspirations?

To do this job, you have to be curious about everything! Everything is inspiration whether in fashion, cinema, contemporary art or on the street. But as I am passionate about what I do, I do not like to stay on the beaten track and I like to offer things that we have not yet seen.

You are one of the three tenders of the Maison & Objet trade fair, what is your role?

Every 6 months, we propose a theme, each style office develops it according to its sensitivity. I pay particular attention to showing visitors unusual things in order to surprise them. I would like to make the public discover that faced with mass consumption and standardization, there are creators who offer innovative objects that offer new perspectives.

This transfer the observatory proposed the theme CRAZY, can you tell us about your DREAM BOX scenography, illustrating this theme?

I left the universe of the dream then I wanted to open doors of the unconscious which lead to dreams or nightmares. It's a bit like the idea of ​​a hotel where the night would be experienced.

How do you think this theme will be transcribed in the interiors?

I think that today the consumer needs to dream, that we need to re-enchant his daily life through objects carrying meaning. Everyone wants to become an actor in their interior and the house is more than ever a place of conviviality and protection. Particular attention is paid to the bedroom, giving more importance to the quality of the bed, in search of well-being to dream of a better life.

Does your interior follow trends?

Not especially ! I like simple things and collections of travel objects such as African basketwork. In Cape Town, for example, I really liked an artist who works in ceramics by imitating African textiles. As I live with the creator Thomas Boog, we have to reconcile his taste for historical things and mine for more contemporary objects. But we also compose according to our moods with large trunks in which we store our objects for a time when we want to change.