Around the candle

Around the candle

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After the natural candles, the candle holders and candle jars also turn green. Oak olive wood, exotic or driftwood, ceramic, soybean oil, reclaimed aluminum ... discover our selection around the candle and create a warm atmosphere in your interior.

100% natural soybean oil

Spotted in the eco-responsible shop Altermundi , the new collection of candles based on 100% natural soybean oil signed BsaB. Magic candles that transform into massage oils! Hydrating, antioxidant and vitamin E rich oils with very decorative design containers, which once the candle has been consumed can be recycled into pots for cooking, bird feeders, etc.

Green candle holder to mount

collective Paper Esthetics publishes original candlesticks to assemble yourself made of aluminum foil from recovered printing plates. Models available in different colors and available in several versions for variable brightnesses.

But also…

Also find in our selection of candlesticks of the Scandinavian brand Ferm Living ; wooden models painted in pop or more natural colors. In Nature Blue , driftwood is in the spotlight.