Smart storage: the staircase

Smart storage: the staircase

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For clever and original storage, there are pieces of furniture that can simplify your task. And among them, the original staircase-shaped shelf will seduce you. Demonstration.

Why choose a staircase?

The staircase furniture is both practical and design! Indeed, it is a rack shelf that takes the shape of a staircase. Thus the shelf takes less massive lines thanks to a progression in the height. On the decorative side, the staircase really allows you to create a stylish effect. You can for example store books in the lockers and place decorative items or a plant on each step to create a very graphic appearance.

Which staircase to choose?

There is a multitude of staircase furniture. You will find simple and refined models in different colors but also furniture with industrial lines that combine wood and metal. Note that you can also choose between several sizes ranging from two steps to many more. Finally, do not hesitate to see the practical aspect by opting for a staircase furniture that includes drawers in order to store some papers.

Where to place a staircase?

You should know that the staircase furniture can be installed throughout the house! It is the ally of living rooms for an original library but also of entrances to install decorative objects. But also think that this piece of furniture can be installed under the stairs! Indeed, thanks to its shape, it can slip under the real staircase and allow you to store objects in a surface that could be lost! Discover our selection of staircase furniture: