Small prices for the show

Small prices for the show

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Want to give your living room a fresh and youthful look without breaking the bank? Bet on the small details to make the difference and opt for some decorative tips.

Get your hands dirty

Give a second life to your furniture by customizing it! Pickled, repainted, revamped, you will no longer recognize them. And if you have neither the desire nor the time to embark on the adventure, stroll through flea markets and markets to find the furniture that will be enthroned in your living room. Do not forget either the sales of individuals to individuals on the Internet which can be very interesting.

Indispensable coffee table

Whatever the style or the decorative atmosphere of your living room, it always sits prominently. The small coffee table is with its functional and practical spirit one of the centerpieces of your living room. For a very contemporary decor, bet on the glass and steel mixture. Conversely, for a retro style, choose it with wooden legs and a lacquered support. Bring a playful and aesthetic touch with colorful trays and nesting tables.


Movable at will and comfortable, these small seats give a warm spirit to your living room. Easy and light to move, the poufs allow you to change the decor of your room endlessly at low prices. For a fresh and lively lounge, have fun combining different shapes and colors.