Indian motifs for a Bollywood atmosphere

Indian motifs for a Bollywood atmosphere

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Specialists in fabrics for decades, the Indians have mastered cotton like no other. Their imagination is limitless when it comes to inventing new colorful patterns to dress their saris! This talent, combined with the art of henna on the hands and feet, triggered the multiplication and variety of decorative patterns. The prints in flashy tones are interfering today in our interiors for an ethnic and tonic touch. Play the Bollywood card thoroughly!

Varied patterns, inspired by nature

There are many Indian motifs: tracery and geometric figures among Muslims, figurative motifs, often inspired by nature (birds, mangoes, leaves, etc.) among Hindus, while Tamils ​​use circular designs and colored solids. We also find all kinds of stylized flowers such as the carnation or the boteh (or palmette). The latter evokes by its shape a drop of water, but some see a tear of Buddha or a pine cone.

An ethnic and warm decoration

Associated with warm and lively colors, Indian motifs immediately set the tone for decoration: make way for gaiety and exoticism! You can distribute them everywhere in your interior by means of different supports: cushions, curtains, bed linen ... Do not forget the exotic wood furniture and the wrought iron light fixtures for a 100% "made in India" decor!