3 ideas to green your walls!

3 ideas to green your walls!

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To bring nature into the house, did you know that you can also use the surface of the walls? Indeed, thanks to a few decorative tips, you can revegetate your walls. Discover our 3 ideas.

Nature paintings

The first idea is perhaps the simplest! To bring nature into your home, just choose large paintings that present a natural landscape, plants or flowers. The more you choose a large format, the more nature will be present in your living room or bedroom.

Green paintings

If you really want nature, you can opt for planted tables that offer real plants vertically. It is then an original way to present the plants while dressing the wall of your house. Some plants are stabilized so as not to require any maintenance, but others have a very simple to use watering system.

Nature stickers

Finally, if you do not want to pierce your walls to install a painting, you can also use stickers! Indeed, you will find models that imitate bamboo, green plants, grass or even flowers. So you can have fun creating a very natural decor in any room. Discover our selection to green your walls: