Mistakes to avoid in your Christmas decoration

Mistakes to avoid in your Christmas decoration

Like children, grown-ups wait for this moment all year round. So not to miss your Christmas decoration and amaze your guests, here are some tips to follow for a magical atmosphere without false note.

Pay attention to the color!

If you choose a color theme, be careful not to go beyond two shades. A rainbow of colors would lose all its elegance and coherence to your general atmosphere. Opt for original nuances and away from the great classics. Copper, gold, plum or even red, silver, midnight blue lend themselves to delight Christmas decorations.

The king of the party: the tree

Do not try to drown decorative objects of all kinds. Depending on its height and width, adorn it with a few balls, small subjects and garlands, respecting your color theme if you have chosen one. If you want to think outside the box, swap your garlands for large colored bows and choose balls filled with feathers or small beads in suspension.

Do not overload your interior decoration!

Just like with your Christmas tree, don't have a heavy hand. Do not try to use all your Christmas decorations, you could suffocate your room and lose the desired effect. By betting on a certain sobriety you will bring a real chic to your final decoration.

Soft light

Fairytale and festive, the candles bring a warm spirit to all styles of decoration. Scatter them around your room to enhance it. However, be careful not to place them near flammable products or objects and keep them out of the reach of children. If candles do not tempt you, opt for chic lighting with candle holders, candle jars. Bring a touch of fantasy using small lanterns. You can also choose white string lights that will also create the desired effect.

At table !

After the tree, don't forget the centerpiece of the party: your table. Put it in the mood by decorating it with the colors you have chosen for your interior decoration. And by having a few subjects here and there to recall the Christmas theme.