The tiles make the show on the bed linen!

The tiles make the show on the bed linen!

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Timeless and very graphic, the tiles never stop dressing all our interiors for a very decorative look that suits all styles. But be aware that there is not only one type of tile because this geometric shape is available in many patterns that we will find with pleasure on the bed linen.

Vichy for a retro chic room

To bring a retro and rustic touch to the room, we put on a bed set which sports a nice gingham fabric, you know this fabric with small tiles popularized by Brigitte Bardot. If the traditional fabric is often red, for the bedroom, we can play with the colors by opting instead for blue or natural colors for a more modern style.

The Scottish for a warm bedroom

If you want to make your bedroom a real cozy nest, head for the Scottish fabric which instantly brings warmth to the room it dresses. For a very British side, we will bet on red or green shades but you will also find models in shades of colors for a less marked style.

Patchwork tiles for a contemporary bedroom

Finally, be aware that the square is above all a geometric shape and that it can be declined as you wish. Thus, the creators offer the tile in a more contemporary form which resembles patchwork. The tiles are thus of different colors and sometimes sport different patterns for a very contemporary and graphic style. Discover our selection of checked bed linen: