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Children's room: a bed, several functions

Children's room: a bed, several functions

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When the children's room is small, it is best to choose the furniture carefully to keep the space as small as possible. As such, is there a more clever choice than a bed where children can sleep but also tidy up, work and play? Not sure. The opportunity to take stock of the top 3 space saving beds!

The bed and its integrated storage

What if the bed hid one or more storage areas? With sliding drawers under the box spring, a built-in dressing room on the mezzanine or a bed end fitted with shelves, you can store games, clothes and books, neither seen nor known. There is therefore no need to clutter up the places with additional furniture to install these essentials and to guarantee that order prevails in the room.

The bed is also a play space

They have a small bedroom but with a bed including a playground, they will quickly be comforted! Look, the cabin beds have something for little adventurers to dream of, as much to rest as to play! Another alternative: adopt playful curtains falling from the box spring to the ground to transform the lower part of the mezzanines into real little houses. The slides integrated into these raised models are also clever accessories that change the look of the sleeping area. And finally, with a futon and a multitude of cushions and cuddly toys installed under the mezzanine, here are the little wolves with a corner where to sprawl and curl up for a reading break.

The all-purpose bed

Another bed that takes advantage of the high ceilings! Pushing the concept of the 2-in-1 bed even further, house beds are raised beds under which are not fixed a single designated area, but several: a sliding desk, a bookcase, shelves, a wardrobe. In other words, it brings together all the usual spaces in children's rooms over the same number of square meters. Did you say space saving mission?