An almost perfect dinner inspires tableware

An almost perfect dinner inspires tableware

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The cooking program broadcast on M6 "an almost perfect dinner" gives us ideas. Rather than a competition between 5 candidates wishing to become the best host of the week, we are launching a personal challenge! The idea? Pay particular attention to the table decoration to receive guests, as in the program. Presentation in 2 lessons.

Create a specific atmosphere

Setting up a pretty table in anticipation of a meal with family or friends is an art! To start, you have to start with a style (nature, baroque, etc.), a color (blue, pink, white, color block, etc.) or a theme (lunch in the countryside, oriental meal, chateau atmosphere, etc.). ). Yes, it is the atmosphere that we want to create that determines the choice of tablecloth, crockery, cutlery, glasses, place mats and decorative "extras" such as the folding of napkins. We unroll the chosen theme on the table, but also on the chairs and why not on the walls, knowing that all ideas coming out of the box are welcome. Beyond the traditional candles to decorate the table, think for example of the column vases filled with fruit or the foam centerpieces to give an elegant natural side. To know: there are many videos of towel folding to inspire you on!

The art of setting the table

Once the mood is set, it's time to take action: set the table. It is therefore necessary to respect a certain number of rules, starting with comfort! For example, a table 1.50 m long can perfectly accommodate 4 people, but no more. To avoid the guests being crowded, we do not hesitate to take out the extension. On the table, the wine glass and the water glass will be placed in front of each plate, knowing that the smallest always takes the right place, namely the wine glass, and the plates are arranged about 1 cm from the edge of the table. It only remains to succeed in your dishes in the kitchen and let the warm mood of dinners with friends create the atmosphere ... Good to know: the book "An almost perfect dinner" by Thomas Feller is a very useful guide to bring together essentials for a good evening: a good atmosphere, a nice table and a good meal. Also discover the new "Almost Perfect Dinner" website!