Blackout curtains protect you from light

Blackout curtains protect you from light

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To protect yourself from light but also create a feeling of intimacy in the room, you can opt for blackout curtains in almost any room of the house. But do you know when to use blackout curtains? Reply.

The ideal pieces for blackout curtains

Know that you need blackout curtains when you want to hide from passersby or protect yourself from daylight. Thus, this type of curtain is ideal in a bedroom, a room of privacy par excellence. If you do not have a shutter, the blackout curtains will also allow you not to be bothered by daylight in the early morning. In the living room, blackout curtains are also justified because when the night falls and the lights are on, your privacy is more exposed. So the curtains will insulate you from the street.

How to choose blackout curtains

There are multiple styles of blackout curtains. You will find all colors but also patterns. When choosing, check the thickness of the curtain and make sure it has a lining that will stop the light. Place the curtain in front of a light source to check its transparency. If you want the curtains to also insulate you from the cold, consider choosing a heavy material such as velvet. Note: there is a laying direction for blackout curtains! The decorative side must be placed inward so that you can take advantage of it and the "lining" side must face the street. Discover our selection of blackout curtains: