Mistakes to avoid when decorating with a carpet

Mistakes to avoid when decorating with a carpet

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If the rugs bring a lot of heat to the room they dress, they are not easy to use in decoration. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account the size of the carpet, its material and its color but also the room for which it is intended. Here are some mistakes to avoid when buying a rug.

Don't choose a carpet that is too thick

If a very thick carpet can be very pleasant in a room to slip its feet into a soft texture, it is not a good idea in all rooms. First of all, be aware that you must take care that the thickness of the carpet does not hinder the opening of the doors. Make sure to keep the carpet away from the openings or choose a thinner carpet. If you place the carpet in a passage space, take care because a thick carpet is often more fragile, if it is a carpet with wicks for example. The many passages will flatten and wear out the carpet faster and it will not look good.

Do not take a carpet that is too small or a carpet that is too large

The size of the carpet is essential! To choose the right size, you must therefore determine the space it will occupy. If you want to put your carpet under the coffee table in the living room, for example, it must exceed at least 60cm on each side so as not to visually reduce the size of the furniture or the room. In the rest of the house, it's the same thing: make sure that the carpet adapts to the proportions of the rooms.

Do not neglect the decorative aspect

A carpet is not only comfortable! It will help bring a decorative style to your interior. Also take care in the choice of colors and possibly patterns. You can opt for a red carpet in a pop interior, a taupe carpet in a classic interior, pebble patterns for a Zen interior ... As for material, it's the same: for a natural style choose a bamboo or other natural material then that for a chalet style you will bet on fake fur.

Remember the convenience

Finally, remember that carpets require a bit of maintenance just like carpeting. Of course, you will need to vacuum regularly. If your carpet is in the hallway, make sure it is not too messy as it may collect dirt from the outside. If you have pets, avoid dark carpets so the hairs are not too conspicuous. And if you are clumsy, forget the overly light carpets!